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As stated in ABIOMED’s annual report, “ABIOMED develops, manufactures and markets innovative cardiovascular products and is a leader in the research and development of advanced cardiac assist and replacement systems. Our focus is on the treatment of heart disease, specifically by assisting or replacing the pumping function of the failing heart. ABIOMED’s commitment is to help make real the day when the cessation of heart function will not mean the end of life.”

ABIOMED had outgrown their existing facility and had negotiated a deal with their landlord to move into a new 80,000 square foot facility that was currently under construction. The new facility would house all of ABIOMED’s operations and provide room for future expansion.

ABIOMED hired Approach Architects to: review third party design schematics for practical/usability/quality-of-life considerations, monitor construction, advise on phasing to ensure a smooth transition into the new building, provide design schematics for building entry and lobby, and to provide interior finish and furniture selections.

Our Approach

To effectively monitor the construction of the project and to clearly define the roles of responsibility during the process, Approach implemented a system of weekly on site job meetings and meeting minutes.

Furniture and finish boards were presented to the client that responded to their desire to remain in the neutral color palette for the majority of the facility. Our design of the entry lobby attempted to provide a clean and updated look for the company as we integrated ABIOMED’s corporate colors into a new custom millwork reception desk and through the flooring of the reception lobby.