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Even architects have design needs. When we outgrew our overly cozy office on the fifth floor, we searched far and wide before settling on the space directly below our office. This new space was three times the size, allowing us to design separate spaces for each employee, as well as, a conference room and reference library.

Our philosophy for the office was to array the workstations along the exterior with low partitions to allow the light from our gigantic windows to full the whole office. The conference room, one of only two enclosed spaces, is centered along the interior wall. Storage and service areas are built into recesses along the outside of the conference partition.

As a challenge to you, see if you can determine what the rules are for why each partition is the color it is. As a hint, I’ll let you know that there are only three colors used for partitions.

Our Approach

This space had not been rented in some time. There had been extensive water damage to the front and rear of the space. We needed to repair the window headers, sills, and the floor below.