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Body Access is a Pilates and Spinning Studio serving predominantly female clients in Arlington. This project began with the owner, Dorianne, looking for a commercial space in the Metro-west area that was zoned for a fitness center. We worked with her to evaluate several locations in a number of towns before she found her ideal space in Arlington Center. The location she selected was an old double-height meeting room on the top floor of a 1912 building. It included large windows on three sides with an interior balcony on the other.

Our Approach

The client had a very aggressive schedule to open the studio in time for Arlington Town Day, a town celebration that would take place directly in front of the building. We worked with Dorianne to quickly develop a program for the space. From there, we designed a core of service spaces, allowing the remainder of the space to be open and unobstructed for the Pilates equipment. The construction was fast-tracked to get the space completed on time, so the Arlington Town Day crowds could be invited up for a free demonstration.

Dorianne contacted us again a few years later. The remainder of the building floor was becoming available, and she wanted to expand into that area to create space for personal trainers and a spinning room. We worked with her to overcome pre-existing code and structural issues to create a compelling space for her clients.

The Details

Finish materials and colors were selected to compliment the logo and merchandising developed for Body Access. Carpeting was installed in the entry and changing areas under the balcony to provide a distinctive, comfortable surface. The existing hardwood floor in the main part of the room only needed to be refinished for use as a fitness floor. A custom millwork check-in desk at the entry serves as a central station for all aspects of the center’s operations. Laminated millwork cubbies in the changing area hold client’s belongings, while similar larger cubbies store the equipment used in the exercises. Throughout, the client’s logo colors create a unified, professional appearance.