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Lil Vinny’s


Vincent and Tony approached Approach Architects about converting an aging tavern to a new full service fine dining Italian restaurant. The existing tavern had a full bar, small kitchen, and a large pool table lounge area. The new restaurant program was to include an expanded kitchen, ADA restrooms, bar area, waiting area, hostess station, and seating for fifty five patrons.

Our Approach

In order to accommodate the new restaurant equipment, we expanded the existing kitchen out towards the bar area. We were then able to install a large cold storage unit, (8) burner stove, grill, fryer, dish washer, three bay sink, utility sink, hand sink, and dry storage area. We located the walk-in units in the basement and converted the existing trap door and hatch to a full stair with direct access to the kitchen.

The bar area, although reduced from it’s original size, maintained a full bar and became a smaller, more intimate area for patrons to wait for their table. We located the bar seating adjacent to the entry door and hostess station.

In the previous tavern, the lounge/pool table area was contiguous to the large bar area. To provide a more private area for the dining room patrons, we built a new partition that separated the two functions. We similarly built a translucent wall that screened the new ADA wash room facilities from the main dining room.

To provide the restaurant with a little more curb appeal and exposure, we removed the built-up display areas that occupied the two large storefront windows. In it’s place, we were able to level the floor and build-in banquettes for some street-side dining.