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Branding is everything that sets your Bank apart from all the others. It starts with your desired customer relationship and extends to all aspects of design. Colors, graphics, materials, finishes, signs, merchandising, layout, and all the other elements in your branch can serve to define, enhance, and establish your brand. That image becomes an extension of your Bank.

At Approach Architects, we have significant experience with defining, implementing, and maintaining brand elements for a variety of financial clients. Whether you are looking to start something, or add some polish to an existing effort, we will help you get the most impact.

An important aspect of branding is the ability to control the look and feel of your branches. For some clients, the intent may be to standardize the design so all facilities have the same appearance. For others, it may be keeping one or two defining elements and varying everything else to provide a unique feel to every location. We have worked both ends of the spectrum, and many places in between. We can develop written and graphic standards to your specifications to make sure your goals drive the project.